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JSS Group India is a built-up Security Company in Pune  and is into security guard services and housekeeping services. We provide “one-stop innovative total property solutions.” We have an honorable spot in the market to offer the best security and facility management service in India. With an extensive experience of over 40 years, our  Security agency in Pune  is validated and allowed by Government.

We are a facility service provider  who offers you all kinds of security and housekeeping-related services like Electronic security services, soft facility management, Bouncers, Female Security Guards, housekeeper, facility managers, and so on.

At Jss security guard services  our guards are immensely trained to deal with any kind of security circumstances, whether it is controlling a massive crowd or handling a threatening case, our skilled guardsmen are always ready to manage the situation. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest technology safety instruments to use in critical situations. We have a team of skillful employees who are aware of using all types of modern equipped instruments. All of our guards possess the knowledge of self-defense techniques that are considered an essential part of the security service. We as a security service provider  are committed to providing the best Security guard services in Pune with a strong team working 24X7, just for you. We have a team of extremely knowledgeable and qualified managers in our team who have created a pre-determined plan to conquer any requirements of the customers. They always have a strategy to solve any problem effortlessly without panic. We as a CCTV service provider  aim to provide a secure environment to our customers. Each security guard of our team is guided by all the necessary information to create an organized way of working with the consumer. Our team is also trained to spy on any suspect and help in interpreting the case of the client. We are having a strong team with comprehensive experience that is ready to fulfill all the requirements of our client.

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