Our Training Programs

We Have Highly Trained Staff Available That Implement Security Measures Around Any Retail, Commercial Or Industrial Site

Before being given an assignment, all of our security personnel must attend and complete the mandatory security training programs. Our vigorous training program is tailored to meet the highest standards for physical and mental strength as well as professional capacity of these security personnel. We have a policy where possible to promote the personnel to higher ranks from within the company by running training courses and conducting career development programs. We ensure that all of our personnel are given adequate tools to carry out any task.

Providing with excellent skills in threat detection, protection, combat, fire fighting, materials control & accounting as well as inter-personal skills such as courtesy, positive attitude and loyalty enables security personnel not only carry out day to day security functions efficiently but also handle situations that call for intelligence and judgement. Our training programs include:

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Professional Training

This course includes learning and understanding the role and responsibilities of the security personnel, general Security functions, legal powers and limitations. Professional training enables security personnel to effectively execute the day-to-day security functions as well as handle any kind of emergency including personal protection, security patrolling, threat detection and prevention, industrial unrest, liaison with police and filing of FIR, record keeping of men, materials and vehicles etc…

Personality Development

This training course intend to develop overall personality off the candidates, which include interpersonal skills, communication skills, pleasant demeanor, work etiquette, well-groomed turnout, discipline, integrity, honesty, loyalty, courtesy, responsibility and other characteristics required for the professional success…

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Fire Prevention and fire fighting

Our professional trainers provide training to all of our security personnel to make them aware of the causes of fire, the types of fire, operate various types of fire extinguishers and other equipment generally used for putting off the fire. After going through this training session, the trainee is able to know what to do in case of a fire emergency, their duties and responsibilities as part of a fire fighting party, cordon party, salvage party, take precautions to prevent outbreak of fire and if required be able to organize the existing manpower in these groups.

First Aid and Evacuation Procedure

Our security personnel are provided with special training to have basic knowledge about accidents as well as instant serious illnesses like serious burn injury, gas tragedies, de-hydration, cardiac attack, electric shock and the systematic procedures followed to save the victims under such situations. At the end of the training session, the trainees are able to obtain assistance to evacuate the victims for specialize treatment and have knowledge of contents and usage of first aid box.

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Emergency Response

Our experience and professional trainers provide expert training to the security personnel to respond to any kind of emergencies arising out of bomb threats, labour unrest, mob violence, explosions, natural disaster etc and reduce the damage as far as possible, obtain assistance from government agencies concerned, lead the potential victims to safety (crowd control), assist the police and other external rescue squad in their investigation and rescue operations.

On Job Training

Training & development begin when the candidates join our organization and continue throughout their tenure, Our security personnel whether new or have been given a new assignment at another location, should go through an On-the-job Training Program that includes site orientation, site-specific functions and duties, emergency procedures, operation of integrated security systems, people relations etc. this security-training program is relevant to the security personnel’s duties, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the client.

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Refresher Course

Besides, a mandatory refresher course is conducted once in every six months for keeping our security personnel informed about latest changes in security industry, methods and functions, technological advancement security laws and regulations etc…

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